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How To Do WordPress Lead Generation

in Digital Marketing Companies on September 21, 2022

Want to learn how to do lead generation in WordPress using different methods and increase traffic on your website here is How to do WordPress Lead Generation in an easy way. These methods will increase the chances of the webpage getting more visitors watching it. Here is a simple guide about WordPress lead generation and different methods of taking lead.

A number of things like plugins and other settings you can change to get more traffic on your webpage, earn more profits and add to your email list to increase your chances of converting them into future customers.

What is WordPress Lead Generation

WordPress Lead Generation means getting potential customers to buy your service or product or revisit your upcoming articles. By capturing their information which is termed as ‘lead’ like email address, contact number, etc. Lead generation should be the first priority for all business owners because converting visitors into members and customers is one of the excellent ways to make money online.

About 85 percent of viewers never come back to the webpage again so to hook them to your content it’s necessary to have a lead of them. These leads will benefit the business owner to get future services and products to the listed customer.

Different methods to do lead generation

WordPress Lead Generation Using Plugins

It is the most simple way of asking the visitor to share their information with their permission in a pop-up form on the webpage. WordPress provides a large number of templates and designs for general inquiring forms. WordPress Plugins require a quote form is helpful in generating such a form yourself or you can drag and drop other options from the WordPress library.

Add Newsletter Signup Forms to Your Website

Contact forms and other inquiry forms are easy ways for collecting inbound leads, they can also be used to build your email contact list. Such forms can be added to multiple areas of a webpage such as footer sidebars or as the user of the webpage like where visitors’ attention can be gathered. WordPress Forms can be used to create a simple email newsletter opt-in form which can be placed anywhere on the WordPress webpage.

Lead Generation Using Popups in WordPress

It is important to deploy multiple types of WordPress Lead Generation in place. A simple form can possibly be ignored by the visitor so it is important to have multiple popup form can be created to capture your reader’s attention. These multiple forms are likely to force visitors to give their data and be a lead of yours.

Pop-up becomes handy in that case. Also, it is the most handful tool to capture the email of the visitor. This plugin allows users to create high-converting opt-in forms for the WordPress site without much of coding skill. Here are a few different ways OptinMonster can be used to generate more leads.

Use Exit-Intent Lightbox Popup for Email Signups

OptinMonster comes up with an exit-intent technology that detects the user’s mouse. When a user tries to use the mouse pointer to leave the page and shows popup at that exact moment. This gives visitors more reminders to fill out any of the forms. It will increase visitors spending more time on the website. As it is less intrusive and is user-friendly. It does not annoy your visitors since it won’t show up until they’re leaving. Therefore these collected emails can be used to do Business email marketing.

Boost Conversions with full screen Welcome Mats

WelcomeMats allows user to capture visitor’s eyeballs and allow users to display full-screen overlay on the web content. To view the page, the visitors will have to provide their contact information or close it. Therefore full screen allows users to show more content and could place more forms to get lead.

Lock Content to Improve Lead Generation

It is yet another lead generation method that does not allow the visitor to view any content or view partial content. For visitors to see content they could be asked to do anything from joining an email newsletter to as signup premium PayWall. Most website having premium content uses this lead generation technique.

Offer Users Incentives to Join Your Email List

Very similar to the content locker, a content upgrade is a bonus to the visitor. For seeing premium or exclusive content in exchange for a subscription or for joining the email list. All kinds of content upgrades like checklists, eBooks, worksheets, and behind-scene. Moreover, content upgrades are great because they use on-click popups to deliver the download. It is user and visitor friendly and you don’t require to hire a javascript developer to do it.

Lead Generation Using Custom WordPress Pages

When building a site likewise custom pages can be generated to get leads. So you can create a landing page that people will visit when coming to your site. Also, the simplest way to do it is by using SeedProd. It is one of the best WordPress plugins you can deploy on your website. SeedProd plugin can be used to create any type of landing page meanwhile without having to write any code. Besides, it has hundreds of customizable templates you can easily use with the drag-and-drop builder.

Lead Generation in WordPress Using Simple Online Calculators

Online calculators are the easiest and most popular way to gather information about visitors. These calculators provide a solution to a problem input by visitors. To get the results from the calculator. Your visitor will need to provide their email addresses and to get the results of that their emails. Calculators is given online virtually and on popular blogging web like age, BMI, Bills, finance, fitness, travel, and much more.

So to add online calculators on the website is by using Formidable Forms. It is a WordPress calculator plugin and makes it easy to build advanced online calculators without writing code. This data is useful as user information to the site and can provide users with a better experience.

Lead Generation in WordPress Using Viral Giveaways

Giveaways or gift vouchers are a super and attractive way to get more eyeballs to watch gathered on a page. So you grow your email list grow yours as brand recognition and more. Giveaway on your WordPress website gives you options to choose to extend your reach on any of the platforms like email social media followers and more recognition in the local audience.

To enter the giveaway, users will need to complete an action that the user decides. Besides this,  the safest way to do this is with RafflePress. It is also a WordPress giveaway and contest plugin in the market that lets you smoothly run giveaways on your website.

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