How To Embed A PowerPoint Presentation In WordPress

How To Embed A PowerPoint Presentation In WordPress

in WordPress on January 15, 2021

If you want to know how to embed a PowerPoint presentation in WordPress, then keep reading this article.

PowerPoint presentations offer the perfect medium for communicating your ideas to your viewers. Their structured narrative and audiovisual appeal are key to making your websites more attractive. WordPress is an open-source website creation platform. It is among the top choices of professionals for designing their branding websites.

PowerPoint is an efficient tool when it comes to conveying presentations. Be it educational or business purposes, the tool gives life to your content. There is no denying that great PowerPoint presentations engage with people like no other medium of communication. What if you could embed your lucrative PowerPoint presentation on WordPress? Could you leverage these presentations to drive up traffic to your website? Also, you can check the 10 best SEO tips to increase organic traffic.

Today, we will talk about how you can embed pitch decks, how-to slides, or product explainer presentations on your WordPress site to achieve higher rankings for SEO.

Here are six ways how to embed a PowerPoint presentation in WordPress:

Embed With Google Slides

Google Slides is a premier cloud-based presentation design application by GSuite. Embedding a slide deck is easy once you’ve crafted your presentation. Achieve it in two ways.

  • First, install the ‘oEmbed Plugin’ from the WordPress directory. Go for the ‘Publish to web’ option to get your shareable URL code and paste it into your WordPress HTML post editor.
  • Second, directly opt for the ‘Publish to Web’ option from Google Slides and choose ‘Embed.’ Now, you can copy and paste a displayed code In the Text editor on WordPress.

Embed With WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins anchor diverse functions to assist you in personalizing your website. All you have to do is browse through the multitude of presentation plugins, install, and activate them. For example, Embed Any Document or SlideOnline. The process of embedding slides with your plugins requires you to copy-paste some shortcodes to your website. Plugins are excellent for those who need to embed the slides frequently as they save time.

Embed With SlideShare

SlideShare is a third-party platform to upload your PowerPoint designs and videos to your WordPress page. First, you must upload your presentation to your SlideShare account. Next, you can copy the URL from the address bar. Head over to your WordPress post where you want to embed the PPT. Paste the copied code in the Text tab from the Edit Page Option. Now, SlideShare will host your presentations on WordPress.

Embed With YouTube

YouTube is characterized as a leading channel for publishing videos to reach a broad range of audiences. Export your PowerPoint presentation to a video by selecting the ‘Create a Video’ option from the Export button. Optimize it to the highest quality and choose slide durations. Now, you can share it on YouTube using the provided link. Copy the same link in the Editor’s screen on your WordPress page where you want your embedded presentation.

Embed With WordPress Plugin

This embed method will allow you to upload your file to WordPress and add a link for your users to download the PPT. Start by selecting the post or page where you want you to want your embedded slideshow. In the Text Editor option on WordPress, select the ‘Add Media’ icon. Choose either of the two options: Flash Uploader or Browser Uploader. Your post will get embedded with a hyperlinked PPT on choosing the ‘Insert to page’ option.

Embed With An FTP Server

You must convert your slides to HTML5 with any application to embed them via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Now, you can upload the HTML5 document to your FTP server. Ensure that you use its URL to embed it on your WordPress page. Adjust the width-height ratio of your PPT to avoid any distortions on your page.


When we talk about giving structure to your content and bringing a soul to it, PowerPoint presentations do a commendable job. The visuals, typography, content outline, and transitions all work together to create a quality experience for the viewers. We talked about multiple ways that can help you effectively share PowerPoint presentations through WordPress and generate more traffic than ever.

Hosting a plethora of features and plugins, WordPress serves as the best platform to add your slide decks. Presentations embedded in your site can help you to achieve high site traffic. Leverage these six steps mentioned in the article on how to embed a PowerPoint presentation in WordPress with intuitive slides today.

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