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8 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins And Tools

in wordpress on May 3, 2019

The best WordPress Image compression Plugins are as –

01. ShortPixel image optimizer

ShortPixel is an easy and flexible plugin, thus it is compatible with most WordPress themes. It’s lightweight and easy to install.

After activation, the plugin automatically resizes PDF documents along with all your old pictures. New images are automatically optimized after being added to the media.

Let’s look at the other features of the plugin: –

  • Auto conversion to JPG file from PNG
  • This allows wholesale optimization of images.
  • Shortpixel also optimizes thumbnail images.
  • Even, customize the images in Nextgen Gallery.
  • You can compress any file size using this plugin.
  • This plugin allows adding web images generated within front-end pages using the image tag.
  • The plugin compresses most image types like JPG, PNG, GIF (still or animated) images and also optimizes PDFs.

02: Optimize Image Resizing

Optimized images resizing plugin replace the size of the image only when they are really necessary. This means that the image size is only optimized on request, there is no automatic optimization for all the images.

The image is resized only once. Then, later, the images are commonly used in WordPress. So if we try to resize images repeatedly, then it is not possible with this plugin.

More features of the plugin are as follows

  • No optimization plugin is required for optimization.
  • The plugin helps you to evaluate your website.
  • The plugin has a fixed method to remove previously generated image sizes. To do this, Tools >> then, remove the image size and click on the button and proceed to the cleaning.

03. Resize Image After Upload

This WordPress support plugin has more than fifty thousand active installations and has a five-star ranking. Resizing the image after the upload is a free plugin.

This plugin is the work of ShortPixel.

Following are the features of the resizing image of the upload plugin:

  • Allows configuring image dimensions.
  • Recompress uploaded JPEG images.
  • Automatically sizes JPEG, GIF and PNG images.
  • Reduce server space and contribute to speed up the WordPress website.

04. reSmush.it Image Optimizer

The rating of the reSmush.it Image Optimizer plugin is 4.5 star and has more than forty thousand active installations. The plugin is free and well-known.

It also allows the maximum file size of 5MB size compression. It accepts API for PNG, GIF, and JPG. In addition, it also allows wholesale image optimization in just 2 clicks.

Account Features

  • Version:0.1.22.
  • Last updated:1 month ago.
  • Active installations:60,000+.
  • WordPress Version:4.0.0 or higher.
  • Tested up to: 5.0.3.

05. EWWW Image Optimizer

The EWWW Image Optimizer plugin has a rating of 4.5 stars with more than seven million active establishments. This plugin is built by Shane Bishop and it can be found in WordPress Plugins.

The Ewww is easy to install I.O. and it retains media library storage by auto image optimization.

Indirectly, if we say it speeds up your WordPress website and improves your search engine ranking. In addition, it also saves bandwidth along with storage.

Other Features –

  • There is free image backup in it.
  • Automatically converts images into the best possible file format.
  • This allows pixels to choose the correct compression or high compression options.
  • You can optimize any file size by optimizing automatic background and parallel optimization.

06. WP Retina 2x

WP Retina 2X is built by Jordan Meva. This plugin has a rating of 5 stars and has more than one million active installations. WP Retina 2X is a well-maintained and recently updated plugin.

The plugin works on the two-way genre. This creates an image file for which high DPI devices are required and displays them according to visitors.

Other important features –

  • Optimize images faster.
  • Automatic optimization of the image.
  • Creates a responsive image format.
  • The retina method supports a variety of other methods that help your viewers to provide a quality image.

07. Compress JPEG & PNG images by TinyPNG

Compress JPEG and PNG images by the TinyPNG plugin to help reduce the loading time of an image without losing its image quality.

This plugin has a rating of 4.5 stars and has more than one million active installations.

Other features –

  • Compress an animated JPG file.
  • An advantage of bulk customization.
  • Also compatible with WooCommerce forum.
  • When an image is uploaded, the plugin automatically optimizes the image.
  • This allows background customization to speed up image optimization.

Apart from this, people usually prefer to compress the image before uploading to the WordPress Media Library. Keeping this in mind, we have collected some of the most popular and widely used photos and software, including this.

08. WP Smush

WP Smush is another popular WordPress image compression plugin. It automatically compresses images on uploads and can also be used to compress and optimize your old image files.

You can also set the maximum image resolution, and measure your more appropriate sizes as needed while compressing your images.

The free version of the plugin does not ask you to create an account to use your API key.

The bulk optimization feature allows you to optimize up to 50 images at a time, and you can run the bulk optimizer again to compress more images.

Account Features –

  • Version:3.1.1.
  • Last updated:6 days ago.
  • Active installations:1+ million.
  • WordPress Version:4.6 or higher.
  • Tested up to 5.1.
  • PHP Version:5.2.4 or higher.


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